Cabrido, Janneth V.

Actually i really don’t know if my name have a meaning that my parents gave that name janneth and i really dont know where he/she got my name, and i never ask he/she why is janneth is my named.

When i was a child i can do everything like i can play whenever i want then my moms buy me what i want and usually you dont have a problems only have i know is to play, eat, enjoy, and what so ever.

When it came the day i have known everything that’s you called ‘matured’ you have so many problems you need to do everything ( unlike the day that your a child only have you do is to enjoy) , you need to fix everything, you need to understand everything like i was so stressed at all when its came maturity you need to understand the things even its not good or bad u need to understand because you are matured.

By the way i am the third sister in my siblings actually i have 2 sister and to 2 brother and all in all were five, i don’t how can i started im a girl loves to sings and listening music want to travel go to the place that no one known me just alone and relax like that and im simply girl usually if you don’t know who i am your telling me that girl its so attitude like that but they are wrong thinking.

And i learned things in my life don’t trust us usually you dont know him literally and only choose to be happy and enjoy things and study.